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Expert Music Licensing, Clearance & Rights Consultancy for Media, Digital and More.

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Music licensing and strategy Pros.We specialize in helping our clients navigate the complex global music landscape.

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We provide expert guidance on, and help to secure licenses for applications of music in Film & TV, A/V Media, Gaming, Web3, VR, Digital and Retail/Store licensing; as well as for brands, agencies, platforms and start-ups.

Understanding the intricacies of music rights and securing clearances when innovation, technology and new commercial models outpace music industry norms can be challenging.

We simplify the process, and ensure that our clients make informed decisions.


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No task too complex. We make obtaining, clearing and licensing music simple and cost effective


  • digital licensing (Single & Multi-territory)

  • Synchonization (Sync) and Master Use Licensing

  • Music Supervision

  • Public Performance Licensing

  • Mechanical Licensing

  • VOD/Theatrical/Broadcast Licensing

  • Neighbouring Rights / Digital Performance Licensing

  • Podcast & UGC licensing


  • Record label / Publisher outreach & negotiations

  • PRO/CMO outreach & negotiations

  • Artist, Song Writer & Management outreach & negotiations


  • Global rights consulting

  • Music strategy advice

  • Commercial Modelling

  • Legal Support


Our experience spans digital content creation and platforms of all types, as well as traditional media; and venue / location licensing.

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Whether you are a DSP, Streaming Service, Video (VOD, AVOD, SVOD) Service, Filmmaker, Social Media Platform, Video Game Developer, Online Start-Up, Brand, Agency, Web 3 Company; or need licenses for you Retail Stores, Events or other real world applications of music - we provide expert guidance and services.

Learn more about the sectors we operate in:


HRMNIZE is the London based music consultancy & advisory firm of Josh Lally (he/him), who has been licensed music in to platforms, businesses and media for a decade.

Josh lally
Josh lally LinkedIn

His experience and relationships are global. He has active relationships with and has licensed music from some of the biggest names in Music (inc. UMG, WMG, SME, Concord, and more), on behalf of some of the biggest brands, services and businesses in the world.

some of these Include:

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Email: josh@hrmnize.comCell: +447496734788

Online Audio-Visual Media

Navigating the intricate world of music licensing for VOD, AVOD and SVOD services can be a challenge. However, with HRMNIZE, you're in safe hands.
Here's how we can help you take your service to the next level:1. Music Synchronization & Supervison: Our experts will carefully align the music with your content, creating a seamless and emotionally resonant viewer experience that keeps your audience coming back for more.2. Rights Secured: Our team will handle the intricate world of music rights, expertly securing synchronization, public performance, and mechanical licenses, optimizing their scope and duration to keep your content legally sound.3. Clearance Excellence: Leave the complex clearance process to us. Where you need production music, bespoke compositions or commercial music, we'll ensure that primary and derivative rights are meticulously acquired, minimizing any potential disputes and legal complications.4. Global Reach Strategy: We'll strategically manage territorial licensing to maximize your content's reach, navigate distribution constraints, and uphold your contractual obligations, ensuring your content can captivate global audiences.5. Industry Insight: Our service is primed to tackle the challenges, whether it's budget constraints, competitive dynamics, or exclusivity agreements. We'll help you adapt and thrive in the dynamic world of music licensing.With our expertise, your VOD/AVOD/SVOD service can deliver a harmonious and legally compliant media content that sets you apart from the competition. Ready to elevate your content and captivate your audience? ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿš€

Online Platforms

Crafting a vibrant musical experience for online platforms demands expertise. At HRMNIZE, we specialize in ensuring seamless access to music while navigating compliance intricacies to help you enhance your digital presence and utilise the power of music for your brand:
1. Strategic Sonic Integration:
Elevate your online platform with meticulously crafted sonic experiences that resonate across websites, DSPs, and various digital services. HRMNIZE ensures an immersive audio journey tailored to captivate your audience.
2. Licensing Mastery for Digital Services:
We adeptly navigate the intricate realm of music rights, providing strategic advice on licensing music for online platforms. This includes websites, DSPs, and other digital services, ensuring a harmonious integration of music that aligns with your brand.
3. Dynamic Licensing Solutions:
HRMNIZE pioneers cutting-edge licensing, securing music for diverse digital environments. This includes crafting licenses for online experiences, ensuring a holistic music integration approach across varied digital scenarios.
4. Expertise in Bespoke Music Clearance:
Our proficiency extends to bespoke, production, and commercial music clearance, ensuring meticulous curation for harmonious soundtracks. This encompasses navigating the clearance landscape for online events and multimedia content within the digital sphere.
5. Holistic Music Strategy Tailored for Digital Platforms:
HRMNIZE provides comprehensive music strategy advice, covering reporting, influencer/UGC usage, and innovative commercial models acceptable to the music industry. Leveraging in-depth industry knowledge, we offer strategic guidance on performing rights, mechanical licenses, and sync licensing.
6. Negotiating Fair Agreements with Digital Stakeholders:
HRMNIZE excels in negotiations, facilitating fair and mutually beneficial agreements with digital platforms, artists, performers, writers, and other key industry stakeholders.
7. Ensuring Compliance and Access to Music for Online Platforms:
Crafting a vibrant musical experience for online platforms, HRMNIZE specializes in ensuring seamless access to music while navigating compliance intricacies to enhance your digital presence.
8. Global Harmonization for Online Content:
HRMNIZE strategically manages territorial licensing, optimizing global reach for digital content. This includes tailoring multi-territory music strategies for online platforms.
With HRMNIZE, your digital projects transcend sonic boundaries, embodying the unique essence of digital sound. Ready to optimize your online music experience? ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’ป๐ŸŒ

Agency and Brands

The nuanced world of music licensing for advertising and marketing demands finesse. At HRMNIZE, we specialize in crafting sonic experiences that amplify your brand's identity across diverse mediums:1. Adaptive Sonic Branding:
Elevate your brand with tailored sonic identities that seamlessly integrate across social media, television, online campaigns, and influencer collaborations. We understand the importance of a cohesive audio presence in today's multichannel landscape.
2. Strategic Music Sourcing for Campaigns:
HRMNIZE excels in strategic music sourcing, ensuring your campaigns resonate with your target audience. From TV commercials to online content and influencer partnerships, we provide a curated selection that enhances your brand message.
3. Licensing Mastery for Digital Platforms:
Navigate the complexities of licensing music for digital platforms with ease. HRMNIZE provides expert advice on securing rights for social media campaigns, ensuring your content stands out while complying with platform regulations.
4. Influencer Collaboration Harmony:
We specialize in crafting music strategies that seamlessly integrate with influencer collaborations. From negotiating music rights to advising on influencer/UGC usage, HRMNIZE ensures your brand maintains a harmonious and compliant presence.
5. Dynamic Music Clearance Solutions:
Our expertise extends to bespoke, production, and commercial music clearance, ensuring your advertising soundtracks are meticulously curated. We navigate the intricacies of clearance for various formats, optimizing your campaigns for success.
6. Multi-Platform Licensing Strategies:
HRMNIZE strategically manages licensing across multiple platforms, maximizing the reach of your advertising content. Whether it's TV commercials, online campaigns, or social media snippets, we tailor multi-platform strategies to amplify your brand's impact.
7. Sonic Narratives for TV Commercials:
Elevate your TV commercials with excellence in music supervision. Our team ensures meticulous alignment of music with your advertising narratives, creating an immersive viewer experience that resonates with your target audience.
With HRMNIZE, your advertising and marketing projects transcend sonic boundaries, capturing the essence of your brand in every note. Ready to optimize your brand's audio identity? ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ“ฑโœจ

Games, Metaverse, VR, Apps

Navigating the nuances of music licensing for gaming experiences demands expertise. At HRMNIZE, we offer tailored solutions to elevate your gaming ventures:1. Crafting Sonic Experiences:
From in-game music โ€˜backgroundโ€™ music to dynamic live-streamed events, HRMNIZE excels in tailoring distinctive sonic identities for diverse gaming genres and platforms.
2. Digital Platform Licensing Mastery:
We adeptly navigate the intricate realm of music rights, providing strategic advice on licensing music for digital gaming platforms. This includes online gaming experiences and global licensing for multiplayer and metaverse games.
3. Innovative Licensing for Dynamic Gaming Environments:
HRMNIZE pioneers cutting-edge licensing, securing music for dynamic gaming environments in AR and VR realms. This includes crafting licenses for in-game radio stations, ensuring a holistic music integration approach across varied gaming scenarios.
4. Expertise in Bespoke Music Clearance:
Our proficiency extends to bespoke, production, and commercial music clearance, ensuring meticulous curation for harmonious gaming soundtracks. This encompasses navigating the clearance landscape for virtual events and live-streamed concerts within the gaming sphere.
5. Holistic Music Strategy Tailored for Gaming:
HRMNIZE provides comprehensive music strategy advice, covering reporting, influencer/UGC usage, and innovative commercial models acceptable to the music industry. Leveraging in-depth industry knowledge, we offer strategic guidance on performing rights, mechanical licenses, and sync licensing.
6. Negotiating Fair Agreements for Gaming Stakeholders:
HRMNIZE excels in negotiations, facilitating fair and mutually beneficial agreements between gaming entities, artists, performers, writers, labels, publishers, management, and other key industry stakeholders.
7. Excellence in Gaming Music Supervision:
With meticulous attention, our team ensures excellence in music supervision, seamlessly aligning music with gaming narratives for an immersive player experience.
With HRMNIZE, your gaming projects transcend sonic boundaries, embodying the unique essence of gaming sound. Ready to optimize your gaming experience? ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿš€

Retail, Hospitality, Offices & Other Locations

Mastering the intricate landscape of music licensing for retail, dining, and entertainment venues requires expertise. At HRMNIZE, we specialize in tailored solutions to enhance your business's sonic ambiance and ensure compliance with licensing regulations:
1. Public Performance Licensing Expertise:
Elevate your venue's atmosphere with thoughtfully curated playlists that enhance the customer experience. HRMNIZE secures public performance licenses in collaboration with major performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PRS, PPL, APRA, GEMA, and SACEM.
2. Retail Music Programming Consultancy:
Tailor your in-store music to align seamlessly with your brand identity. HRMNIZE provides expert consultancy on retail music programming, optimizing the sonic environment to resonate with your customers and enhance their overall experience.
3. Cost-Effective Music Implementation:
Recognizing the importance of cost-effectiveness, HRMNIZE guides you on efficient ways to implement music within your locations while remaining compliant with licensing regulations. Whether it's in-store radio stations, commercial music usage, or utilizing high-quality covers, we've got you covered.
4. Enhancing Dwell Time and Customer Spend:
Our music strategies aim to increase dwell time and customer spend by creating an engaging atmosphere tailored to your target demographics. Understanding the preferences of your audience, we optimize the musical ambiance to encourage patrons to linger and spend more.
5. Multi-Site Sonic Branding:
For businesses with multiple locations, HRMNIZE offers a strategic approach to sonic branding. We harmonize the musical identity across all sites, creating a consistent and memorable brand experience for your customers.
6. Expertise in Background Music Licensing:
Our proficiency extends to securing licenses for background music, Muzak, and high-quality covers, ensuring your venue's sonic landscape is not only engaging but also legally sound.
7. Music for Specific Environments:
HRMNIZE recognizes the unique sonic needs of different environments, whether it's a lively bar, a tranquil restaurant, or an energetic club. We craft music strategies that align with the specific ambiance you want to create.
8. Navigating Legal Compliance:
Ensuring legal compliance is our expertise. HRMNIZE navigates the complex landscape of music licensing regulations, collaborating with major performing rights organizations globally to ensure your venue remains compliant and focused on providing an exceptional experience for your patrons.
With HRMNIZE, your business's sonic identity becomes a powerful asset, creating an immersive and memorable experience for your patrons. Ready to elevate your venue's musical ambiance and drive customer engagement? ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿ’ฐ


Mastering the challenges of music licensing and compliance in the dynamic world of events, music venues, and live music festivals demands expertise. At HRMNIZE, we specialize in addressing sector-specific needs to ensure your gatherings are not only musically captivating but legally sound:
1. Live Music Festival Licensing:
HRMNIZE understands the intricacies of live music festivals. We excel in securing the required licenses for diverse lineups, working seamlessly with performing rights organizations to navigate the licensing landscape for your event's success.
2. Tailored Licensing for Events:
Whether it's a corporate event, wedding, or private gathering, HRMNIZE prioritizes securing the right licenses for a flawless musical experience. Let us handle the legal intricacies, allowing you to focus on the success of your event.
3. Venue-Specific Licensing Expertise:
Compliance is key for music venues. HRMNIZE collaborates with venue owners, ensuring the necessary licenses for live performances, DJ sets, and other musical events. Let us handle the licensing details, so your venue can focus on creating memorable experiences.
4. Live Music Venue Licensing:
Navigating the nuances of live music venue licensing, HRMNIZE excels in securing the required licenses for different types of performances. We understand the importance of compliance in hosting live acts, ensuring a seamless and legal experience for both venues and performers.
7. Navigating Licensing Challenges:
Ensuring compliance for music events involves navigating numerous challenges. HRMNIZE is your ally in overcoming these obstacles, providing expert guidance on licensing regulations, collaborating with performing rights organizations, and securing the necessary licenses to keep your events legally sound.
As global experts in event licensing, HRMNIZE ensures you're fully licensed, taking the pain out of compliance and offering cost-saving advice. ๐Ÿ“œ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Film & TV

Music licensing for TV and film is as important as ever, whilst commercial music rights holders become increasing protective of how their music is used; whilst charging a premium. At HRMNIZE, we excel at turning challenges into opportunities and getting you the best deal for your productions.
Discover how we can make a difference:1. Cinematic Immersion: Immerse your audience in your Film or TV series with our expertise in crafting cinematic musical harmony. We donโ€™t do โ€˜out of the boxโ€™ synchronization, but work with you to create an emotional journey and suggest cues for maximum impact.2. Precision Storytelling:
Ensure every note, motif and genre choice contributes to your production's storytelling is our prime objective. We take care of managing master rights, sync rights and creative supervision to seamlessly integrate music into your project, so that you can focus on the bigger picture. We are always guided by your vision first and foremost.
3. Global Tailoring: Tailor your content for a global audience with our strategic licensing. We advise on the best music for your audience to ensure viewers resonance withย your production.4. Custom Soundtracks for Your Genre: Provide personalized soundtracks that align with your film or TV series' specific genre, enhancing emotional impact and creating a memorable audience experience. We handle master rights, supervision, and skillfully integrate cues for a cohesive production.5. Impactful Dynamics: Beyond cue placement, our expertise lies in dynamically sculpting soundtracks that heighten pivotal scenes. It's transformative sound, not just a background tune.6. Adaptation for Different Scenes: Tailor music to suit various scenes, capturing the essence of each moment. Whether it's a suspenseful sequence, a heartwarming moment, or an action-packed scene, our expertise ensures the music complements the visuals seamlessly.7. Flexible Licensing Models: Offer flexible licensing options to accommodate the diverse needs of Film and TV productions whilst considering territorial licensing restrictions, local laws and performing rights organisations. From one-time use licenses to extended agreements and buy outs, we provide adaptable solutions to suit your project's specific requirements.8. Worldwide Licensing Expertise: Navigate the complexities of worldwide licensing, ensuring your production can captivate audiences globally without legal barriers. We have relationships with the major players in music in all key areas.9. Copyright Control and Writer Investigation: Ensure comprehensive copyright control and thorough investigation of writers, minimizing legal risks and ensuring compliance throughout the creative process.10. Clearances and Rights Management: Streamline the clearance process, managing the intricacies of acquiring necessary rights, minimizing disputes, and maintaining legal clarity for a smooth production journey.With HRMNIZE, your film and TV productions aren't just compliant; they're a testament to the artistry of sound. Ready to elevate your content? ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽฌ๐Ÿš€

Radio & Podcasting

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